Keith Devlin, NPR’s “math guy” and Gary Lorden, the math consultant on the hit CBS television series “NUMB3RS(tm)” have written an enjoyable and informative book that explains the math behind many of the more sophisticated analytic methods finding their way into the customer knowledge business these days.  If you’ve been perched at the edge of the “supercrunching” pool, wanting to dip your toes but afraid you’ll end up over your head, this book might be just what you need.  Because the context is crime fighting (at least as depicted on network TV), the applications are fun as well as informative.  Topics include geographic profiling, data mining, changepoint detection, Bayesian inference, the math of networks, and a bit of game theory (Chapter 11:  The Prisoner’s Dilemma, Risk Analysis, and Counter-terrorism).

The Numbers Behind NUMB3RS:  Solving Crime With Mathematics.  PLUME (Penguin) 2007.  ISBN 978-0-452-28857-7.