I got a telemarketing call from my local telephone service provider today.  Actually, the call came from a telemarketing company, on behalf of my telecom provider.

The young woman who called wanted to offer me some packages that might allow me to save money (the typical bundled service offering with local, long distance, broadband internet access and, in this case, satellite TV).

You would expect that someone calling on behalf of your current provider would know what services you already subscribed to, but no–I had to answer a series of questions to let the telemarketer know that I already had the bundled long distance and the “max” DSL service.  So this was mildly annoying, but when you consider that I had upgraded to these services only a few months ago, the absence of “customer knowledge” reflected in this encounter is a good indication that my local telco doesn’t know how to treat me like a valued customer.

There’s just enough inertia to keep me as a customer–my email address is linked to the DSL service, for example.

The amazing thing is that technology and CRM software makes it dead simple to put the relevant customer info at the fingertips of a telemarketing rep.  So, when it’s not there, it’s all the more glaring.

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