Here’s a list of my recent articles:

Bakken, D. “Visualize it:  Agent-based simulations may help you make better marketing decisions,” Marketing Research19, 4, 22-29.  (Winner of the David K. Hardin Award for best article in Marketing Research in 2007.) Vizualize It pdf

Bakken, D.G., “The weakest link:  A cognitive approach to improving survey data quality,” in B. Orme (ed.), Proceedings of the Sawtooth Software Conference October 2007, Sequim, Washington:  Sawtooth Software (2008).

Bakken, D. G. and R. A. Parker, “Predicting the unpredictable:  Agent-based models for Marketing Research,” in D. S. Fellows (ed.), Market Research Best Practices:  30 Visions for the Future, John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. (2007).

Bakken, D. “The Bayesian revolution in marketing research,” in D. S. Fellows (ed.), Excellence 2006: ESOMAR World Research Papers, 159-177, Amsterdam: ESOMAR.

Bakken, D. and C. L. Frasier, “Conjoint analysis:  Understanding consumer decision-making,” in R. Grover and M. Vriens (eds.), The Handbook of Marketing Research:  Uses, Misuses and Future Advances, Thousand Oaks, California, Sage Publications (2006). 

Bakken, D. and M. K. Bond, “Estimating preferences for product bundles vs. a la carte choices,” in B. Orme (ed.), Proceedings of the Sawtooth Software Conference October 2004, Sequim, Washington:  Sawtooth Software (2005).

Allenby, G. M., Bakken, D. G. and Rossi, P. E. “The HB revolution:  How Bayesian methods have changed the face of marketing research,” Marketing Research, 16, 2, 20-25 (2004).  HB Revolution pdf

Bakken, D. G. “The quest for emerging needs,” Marketing Research, 13, 4, 30-34 (2001).  Quest for Emerging Needs pdf

Here are some recent presentations:

“Everybody’s talking: Social networks and product conversations in the digital era,” Advertising Research Foundation re:think 2008, New York, April 2008.  Co-presenter:  Jonathan Siegel.

“Car talk:  the role and impact of word of mouth on brand choice,” ESOMAR Automotive 2008, Lausanne, Switzerland, March 2008.

“Renewing the bonds:  Let’s put psychology back into marketing research (and marketing!),” ESOMAR Congress 2006, London, England, September 2006.

“Cultural differences in consumer decision making,” ESOMAR Asia Pacific Conference, Tokyo, Japan, March 2005.

“Creating customer knowledge:  Turning insight into sustainable advantage,” ESOMAR Excellence in Consumer Insights, Vienna, Austria, April 2004.  Co-presenter:  Michael Lotti.